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Time marches on...another busy week

What a busy few weeks we’ve had around here!  Rhino turned three, we’ve been hatching chicks, and I’m still trying to work out our weekly trips to town for allergy shots and speech therapy while still managing to get all the required school work done!  

The thing is, I don’t see an end in sight!  The next few weeks bring a birthday, Halloween, a second round of hatching chicks, and then a trip for Thanksgiving.  I don’t know where I’d be without good old Google Calendars!

Rhino’s Birthday Recap:

My little Rhino is now three years old.  Now, he still lays claim to being Baby’s BIG Brother, but no longer admits to being anyone else’s little brother.  Three is such a complicated age! 

We celebrated on the evening of his birthday with a cloud cake, per his request, and a monster truck…complete with flashing lights, music, and wheelie-popping action!  Coolest.  Toy.  Ever.

Happy third birthday with a cake and a monster truck

Next Week:

Monkey will turn five on Monday.  I don’t know how exactly that is possible, but that’s what the calendar tells me!  He still hasn’t reliably decided what kind of cake he wants for his birthday, so I still can’t make plans for that.  I’m pretty sure he’s going to have to make his final decision today, so his daddy can bring any needed supplies home from town!

Hopefully, within the next couple of weekends, we will be able to get together with some friends to celebrate both of our October birthdays.


Usually in the past, my mom has made costumes for the kids.  She enjoys sewing, and does a great job.  However, this year, it just wasn’t going to happen.  She and my dad have been dealing with crisis after crisis this year…floods, fire, and the death of a parent.  Add in a home remodeling project, and my mom’s sewing projects have understandably gone on the back burner.  So, it’s up to me this year to acquire Halloween costumes (insert ominous music here!).

After a trip to Walmart, the children were not really all that excited about the selection of costumes available.  Some found that the costume they wanted wasn’t available in their size.  Some found that the costume they liked was too scratchy.  Others found that they just didn’t have anything all that exciting.  It was very disappointing.  

But then, in the car on the way home, someone came up with THE idea.  Someone wanted to be an Indian (Native American, for my more politically correct friends and readers).  Immediately, everyone else thought that was the best idea they’d ever heard.  So, everyone now wanted to be an Indian for Halloween.

As this conversation transpired, I thought to myself, “Now that is a costume even this DIY-challenged mom can make!”  So, I encouraged this line of brainstorming.  

I consulted with my mom on the plans for this project, just to make sure I wasn’t over-estimating my abilities…she would tell me if I were!  She agreed it was manageable, so, with her expert advice, off to the fabric store I went to purchase the perfect Indian costume fabric…with all 5 children in tow, of course!

After much fabric browsing, I finally found the right kind of fabric (I think!).  This is my big weekend project for the week.  I’m hoping to be able to post about my huge success next week…so stay tuned.  If it’s a huge flop, I suppose it might make for an amusing story, too!

So…wish me luck!  I’m off to make four little Indian costumes…

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