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Apple and Water

This is the first follow-up to the post Losing Weight Postpartum: Small Steps to Reach My Goals.

How Did I Do This Week?

Well, I’ve done better on some of my goals than others this week!  Just as I suspected.  I’ll break it down.  I posted my first postpartum weight loss post on a Tuesday, so I’ll start on Tuesday.


Goal number 1: Drink more water

Well, I did alright on this one!  I had a goal of filling my water bottle 3 times.  I had to fill it 4 times, and drained it each time!  So, that makes 24 ounces, times 4…I drank 96 ounces of water on Wednesday.  

Goal number 2: Play

We did really well on this one!  I rode my bike with my kiddos tonight.  It wasn’t very far, but, my poor bike is about to give out…even if it didn’t have a 200+ pound woman trying to ride it, I think it might be having issues!  But, for now, it’s working!  If it can hold out until next month, it would be great!  Making big purchases is always better for next month!


Goal number 1: Drink more water

Not bad on this goal again on Wednesday.  I drank another 4 bottles.  That’s 96 ounces again today!

Goal number 2: Play

I rode with the kids again tonight!  I went a little farther than I did last night.  Every day a little more…that’s how it’s supposed to work, right?


Goal number 1: Drink more water

Well…we had to go to town on Thursday.  I didn’t do very well today!  I only made it to 2 refills of my bottle.  I had two large Dr. Peppers, though, instead of water.  They’re so easily accessible!  Oh, if only no restaurant in Texas knew about Dr. Pepper!  I can resist a Coke!  I can resist a Pepsi.  Then, I came home.  My husband didn’t help me get back on track much!  The two of us need to have a sit-down and figure out exactly what I’m doing!

Goal number 2: Play

I went bike riding with the kids again tonight, even though I didn’t feel like it.  It was drizzling, but, Monkey had exacted a promise to ride (after Daddy came home) from me right after we got home from town.  It was raining, but, by golly, I rode bikes!



Goal number 1: Drink more water

Well, I did better than I did on Thursday, but that doesn’t take much, huh?  I made it to 3 refills.  I’m a little disappointed, because the first two days, I went above and beyond my goal and had 4 refills.  Today I only drank 3 refills of my 24 ounce bottle.  But, I did better than I did on Thursday!  So, I gotta keep my eye on the positive 🙂

Goal number 2: Play

I went bike riding with the kids.  They don’t seem likely to forget that I promised them some sort of play every night this week, be it soccer, bikes, or playing in the pool.  I promised that one of the three would happen today, apparently it was bike riding again tonight!


Goal number 1: Drink more water

I made it right to 3 refills of my water bottle again today.  At least I made it to my goal.  Andrew was home…since it was Saturday.  I drank quite a few other drinks besides water.  So I drank a lot of calories, I suppose.  They sure do go down faster that way!

Goal number 2: Play

I didn’t make it bike riding with the kids.  But, Andrew and I played soccer with the kids.  I don’t have any clue how to play soccer.  But, Andrew does, and he coaches the kids.  I just run around and hope not to embarrass myself!  The kids don’t care though.  All that they notice is that Mommy is hanging out with them, and taking time out to play crazy with them!


Goal number 1: Drink more water

I did alright, but not great today…only 2 refills.  We took the kids fishing this morning.  So, I really detest park restrooms, there’s wasps.  I have an irrational fear of wasps…silly, I know.  But, I admit I was drinking pretty slow so that I wouldn’t have to use the waspy restroom while we were there.  Baby was also being pretty fussy, so I had her in the carrier walking around most of the time.

Goal number 2:

Well, we did go to the park for fishing.  I was up and moving around.  But I didn’t get to play much.  Like I said, Baby was being pretty fussy.  So, she claimed most of my attention.  Most everyone else was “fishing” with Andrew.  After we came home, we filled up the wading pool, and we did all splash around and play in it for a couple hours.  We were all really tired when we got through!


Goal number 1: Drink more water

I made my goal today.  Andrew was home for Memorial Day.  It was nice to have some extra family time.

Goal number 2: Play

We spent a lot of time as a family, but it was kind of a lazy day.  The kids did a little splashing around in the pool, but a cold front had dropped the temperature down into the mid 80s, so it was a little chilly for playing in the water.  I think we were all still pretty worn out from our activities yesterday!

Goal Numbers 3 and 4

Goal number 3 was picking up some books at the library to do a little research to think about what kind of changes I want to make.  I did get a couple of books, and I’m still working on reading through them.  So, I’ll count that for the “goal met” column.

Goal number 4 was starting a weight loss journal.  Well, I didn’t start anything separate, but I started keeping notes in my planner of what I ate every day.

My Progress

This Week’s Numbers:

Weight: 227.8


  • Chest –  39 inches
  • Bicep –  15.5 inches
  • Thigh –  27.5 inches
  • Calf –  19 inches
  • Hips –  51 inches
  • Waist –  43 inches

Last Week’s Numbers:

Weight: 228.6 pounds


  • Chest – 40.5 inches
  • Bicep – 16 inches
  • Thigh – 28 inches
  • Calf – 19.5 inches
  • Hips – 51 inches
  • Waist – 45 inches

So, there was a little progress.  I think if I had stuck to my plan just a little tighter, I might have done a little better.  But, I’ll take it for a start.  I lost nearly a pound.  I either lost or at least stayed even with the measuring tape!  

My Goals: Week 2

So, I want to keep going with all of my goals from this week, but with a couple changes.

  1. I’d like to try for at least 4 refills of my handy  24 ounce bottle every day.  I did it twice last week, so I know it can be done!
  2. Try to go at least 5 minutes longer riding bikes with the kids every evening this week.  Some of this goal, of course does depend on Baby’s attitude with her Daddy while I’m gone!
  3. Keep reading up on different healthy weight loss options from the books I checked out.
  4. Keep on recording my meals in my planner.  Find a space to start recording my movement activities.
  5. Start meal planning our breakfasts, lunches, and snacks.  Breakfast around here is kind of a free-for-all, and I need to do better about making sure the kids are all out of bed at the same time so that we can sit at the table and eat a proper breakfast like civilized people!  I let the kids get away with some really unhealthy snacking habits…I think having a plan would help with that.  As for lunch, I’m just tired of fixing 4 different lunches for 5 people.  We have everyone eat the same dinner, why shouldn’t that rule apply at breakfast and lunch, too?
  6. Finish the week strong!  I kind of let everything go lax after my slip ups on Thursday last week.  This week, I want to make sure I do as well on the weekend as I did starting out!

Alright, I think I’ve done everything in this post that I promised to do last week.  I ‘fessed up on how I did with my goals from last week.  I shared my numbers, and I posted my new goals for this coming week.  I’ll check in again next Tuesday and let you know how I did!








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  1. Congrats on your down-to-earth approach. Post-partum weight loss can seem impossible at first, but consistency and patience are the key. I started losing weight pretty much the same way- just drinking water, eating healthy food, and getting in a little bit of physical activity every day. Greetings from the Blogger’s Pit Stop!

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