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Trinity has been with me since my college days.  I got her from the pound, so we don’t know exactly how old she is, but we think she is about 17.  She’s lived in all different types of situations.  She’s been through apartment life, a house in town, and finally, the freedom of the country. She is now enjoying full retirement from the vantage point of our couch.  She still tries to guard the food bowl to make sure she gets all the food, but with congestive heart failure, the other dogs don’t really believe her, and give in more out of sympathy than fear.




Midnight came to us from the streets of Houston.  A friend’s student found a puppy one day.  The boy’s mom told him he had a week to find the puppy a home before the puppy went to the pound.  We needed a dog to help with the cattle, and decided to take a chance on him.  It turns out he wasn’t a fantastic cow dog (though he does help Patch out occasionally), but he’s a wonderful family dog.  He loves the kids, and even says prayers with them every night before bed.  The kids call him their “protecting dog”.




Sandy is the daughter of a dear family pet who died a few years ago, just before Monkey was born.  When she came to us from her mother’s home, she had so many ticks in her ears that she couldn’t hear.  It made her rather skittish.  She is a very sweet dog, and really likes it when the children take her on walks up and down the driveway.




Patch is a Border Collie-and all that implies!  We got her to help my husband with the cattle, and she does a fairly good job.  She’s very good at putting chickens back in their coops, too.  Like most Border Collies, she is very excitable, and fearless.  Any time we go outside, we must prepare for the possibility of “being Patched”.  That’s what we call it when she gets a little over-exuberant about seeing us.