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Hello!  I’m Elizabeth.  Wife, Mommy, Teacher, Maid, and Finder-of-all-things.  I wear a lot of hats around here.  I like some of them more than others.  

I started writing this blog to tell our family story.  And believe me…I couldn’t make this stuff up!  This is our real life, and our real home.



This is my husband, Andrew.  Biochemist by day and farmer during his time off, he does a lot around here too!


Everything outside falls under his domain.  He takes care of all the animals, and gardens, and pastures.  He works hard to keep our family happy and fed.



Meet our oldest daughter.  She is growing up so fast!  Bear is 8 years old now, and I can hardly believe it!  She enjoys arts and crafts, drawing, and building things with all different kinds of materials.


Meet our second child.  Lizard is also growing like a weed.  She just turned six.  She lives in her imagination, and is so fun to watch.  She has an amazing intuition about how other people work…especially her mom and dad!


Monkey is our third child, and oldest son.  He just turned four.  He often gets roped into Lizard’s imaginary games…sometimes without even knowing it!  He is pretty laid back and happy-go-lucky most of the time….unless his little brother is picking on him!


Rhino is our youngest son.  He just turned two, and he does enjoy all the things a typical two year old likes.  His favorites are saying no, and tormenting his siblings.  But he is also incredibly sweet and very helpful…when he wants to be!


Baby is still so young that she hasn’t gotten her nick name yet.  As she grows and shows us more of her little personality, I’m sure we’ll find the perfect one for her, too!  Her favorite activities are eating, sleeping, pooping, and of course, being entertained by the hilarious antics of her older brothers and sisters.