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Storms have always scared me, ever since I was little.  As I’ve grown older, I’ve learned to live with it…even though they do still worry me!  It’s just an annual part of life here.  You have to get used to the storms.  The springtime season of severe weather is upon us here in central Texas.  Whenever a front comes through, we can expect high winds, flooding rain, hail, and the occasional tornado.  The weatherman always tells us we’re about to die.

A couple of nights ago, one of these lovely storm systems came through.  We always keep an eye on the weather during this time of year.  It’s important to know the best windows for planting the gardens.  So, we knew that we were about to die…according to the weatherman, anyway!  In addition to our impending doom, we also had to prepare ourselves for the possibility that one (or more) of the children would wake up during the nearly guaranteed power outage that comes with these storms.

The storms hit at about 2 am.  They were loud.  I should probably mention that our house has a tin roof.  Even a simple shower can be fairly loud.  Heavy rain, wind, and thunder all together can be nearly deafening!

Our youngest son has never once, during the day, expressed any fear of lightening or thunder.  Rhino is fearless.  Sometimes, he scares me half to death (yes, even more than storms).  He will try anything, climb anything, jump off of anything, or grab a stick to beat up anything…even if it’s five times bigger than he is!  He is “all boy”, through and through.  But, as soon as the storms started getting loud that night, here came my little Rhino, hurrying into my room.  He climbed up into my bed, settled himself directly on top of me, sunk his little fingers into my arms, and clung there for dear life telling me, “Lightening, Momma!  Lightening, Momma!” over and over and over again.

About that time, there was a big crash, a flash somewhere in our room, and a popping noise.  Then the power went out.  We still aren’t quite sure what flashed and popped in our room…a bulb in our light fixture was out when the power came back on, so perhaps that was it.  Whatever it was caused poor little Rhino to sink his little fingers even deeper into me.  He wasn’t going to let me get away!

Now, I was presented with a problem.  Rhino was scared, and not going anywhere.  But the rest of the kids have an uncanny ability to wake up and realize that the power has gone out.  Then, they get scared.  I don’t really understand why…their rooms were already dark.  They were sleeping!  Fortunately, all of the commotion had already woken my husband, so he went to take care of the other kids.

But now, I had another problem.  This eight and a half months pregnant momma had to go to the restroom…bad!  I tried to leave Rhino in my bed, promising to come right back, but he wasn’t buying it.  Fortunately, right about that time, his daddy came back, allowing me to go take care of business.

It took a little while to get everyone settled back down.  Eventually, we were able to get back to trying to sleep ourselves.  Rhino had acquired his daddy’s spot in bed, forcing my husband out to the recliner in the living room.  However, Rhino had decided that he had to be touching me in order to sleep.  Every time I moved, even the slightest bit, he would startle, wake up, and grab on to me again.  

Being eight and a half months pregnant, laying perfectly still just wasn’t within the realm of possibility.  I got up a few more times to go to the restroom, with Rhino following along behind, clinging to me the entire way.  Finally, he noticed his daddy laying out in the living room on one our trips through the house.  He must have decided that his daddy would be safer than his momma.  He went and curled up on top of his dad…and went right to sleep.

According to my husband, Rhino didn’t even move for the rest of the night.  When it was time for my husband to get up to take care of all the animals before work, he called my phone which was sitting right next to my bed.  All he said when I answered was, “Help!”  I came in, and picked Rhino up, trying to take him back to his bed without waking him.  No such luck.  He wake right up, and out came the claws again.  So, I carried him back to my bed.  I layed back down with him fro the hour I had left to sleep.  Fortunately, this time, he went right back to sleep.  When my alarm went off, he didn’t even budge.

He slept until nearly 9 that morning…which is unheard-of for him!  His nighttime adventures had worn him out completely!  So, it turns out that my fearless little boy isn’t completely fearless after all.  Maybe someday he’ll find a stick big enough to beat up a thunderstorm with, but until then, his daddy and I will appreciate and enjoy the extra cuddles we get in the middle of a stormy night.



Twin Mummy and Daddy

9 thoughts on “Rhino’s Storms

  1. I remember those days when my kids were small – my youngest would insist we go around and make sure all the doors and windows were locked to ‘keep the lightning out’.

  2. Sarah - Mud, Cakes and Wine says:

    Bless him and wow what an amazing storm. We have nothing that bad in the south east of England. My children would all three have been stuck to us #thatfridaylinky

  3. That’s so sweet. Can’t wait until Peachy is big enough to crawl into my bed because she needs comforting. I know parents always complain about that but I’m really looking forward to it. Peachy is such an independent baby that she rarely “needs” me that way and she’s much too busy for snuggles these days. I savour the rare times when she feels the need me to hold her. #ThatFridayLinky

    • I can understand! Rhino is like that too…very independent, and busy busy busy. His older brother used to make more time for snuggles, but not as much anymore, now that he’s getting older.

  4. Oh yes I remember this well got to be done though super post Thanks for linking to the #THAT FRIDAY LINKY come back next week please

  5. Well storm Doris (who names a storm doris?!) has just hit us, but tbh it was just heavy rain and high winds, but some parts of the country were badly affected! Thanks for linking up to #ThatFridayLinky

  6. We don’t get storms too often here in England, but when we do the kids like to watch the lightning. I remember a huge storm in Greece once – that is the first time a storm has scared me. Sarah #FabFridayPost

  7. Aww… what a lovely story! I love little Rhino. He is such a character. Poor you with the pee pee room. lol! Rhino sound like my little tiger Evelyn. She would touch my boob as she goes to sleep. lol! Weird I know! But whatever make her go to sleep I guess. Thank you so much for linking up with us on #FabFridayPost My apology for the delay in commenting. Thank you for your patience. xx

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